About Ashley

Ashley Norwood is a certified Wellness Coach, a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Practitioner and a Yoga Teacher.

Ashley leads mindfulness courses and group health coaching classes/workshops for Atrius Health, Harvard University, MIT and Tufts University. 

On an individual basis, Ashley works with clients across the U.S. who want to improve their physical and emotional well-being. Client goals include an increased level of physical fitness, weight loss, effective stress management, improved eating habits and better overall health. By creating a supportive structure, accountability and giving expert advice she helps people bridge the gap between what they know they should be doing and doing it consistently. 

Walking the walk herself, Ashley has successfully overcome sports injuries and re- engineered her own diet to accommodate medical intolerances to gluten, soy and dairy. Ashley was born in Rochester, New York, raised in Minneapolis, MN, graduated from the University of Georgia and currently resides in Boston, MA. Having lived all over the country she is uniquely suited to building rapport with people from all walks of life.   

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